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No New Posts The Decrees

Here are the rules and announcements. Read these - they are important

4 10 Re: LAR Announcements - 11-14-12
by King Adam
May 26, 2013 14:41:22 GMT
No New Posts The Storybook

This is where the plot is. Subplots will be here also.

Sub-board: Mini-stories

2 2 In A World Of My Own
by Ophelia
Apr 20, 2013 0:56:33 GMT
No New Posts The Book of Legends

This is where all the info for the site goes. Read this also, very important

6 6 Species Guide
by King Adam
Mar 2, 2013 18:24:40 GMT
No New Posts The Help Section

Need an answer to a question, then look no further! The heroic staff will help you in your endeavor.

1 2 Issues with the cbox
by King Adam
Feb 25, 2013 22:37:46 GMT
No New Posts Suggestions Box

Think that something would be good for the site? Then have your say here.

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No New Posts General Page

You can talk about anything here.

Moderator: King Adam

Sub-boards: Activities Page, Graphics Page

11 107 ♥~Happy Birthday Holly~♥
by freya
Apr 21, 2013 13:04:56 GMT
No New Posts Messages From Abroad

Advertise your sites here - guest friendly

Sub-boards: Members, Guests

485 485 Beyond The Badge (Pokemon RP)
by Saltine
Feb 3, 2016 2:34:44 GMT
No New Posts The Chains That Bind Us

Affiliate with us here! Guest friendly

Sub-boards: Members, Guests

7 10 Vampire Diaries - Faded Echoes [if]
by FE Admin
Jun 17, 2013 4:47:34 GMT
No New Posts Comings and Goings

Are you leaving for a few days? Weeks? Months even? Well be sure to let us know when you're leaving and when you've returned.

6 20 Exams
by The Pied Piper
May 20, 2013 10:41:15 GMT
No New Posts The Councilling Halls

This board is where staff will discuss certain things, as well as discuss on how to make the site better. Password protected

Moderator: King Adam

Sub-board: Beau's Stuff

5 17
No New Posts Activity Checks

This is where we find out who is staying and who is leaving us -blubbers-

If you wish to stay, please post!

Moderator: King Adam

1 1 Activity Check 11-5-2013
by The Pied Piper
May 11, 2013 10:53:19 GMT


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No New Posts Sign Up Here

This is where your character application goes. All accepted characters will be moved.

Sub-boards: Finished Applications, Work-in-Progress Applications, Denied Applications

14 15 Cinderella Emmaline Tremaine
by singingcloud19
Jul 14, 2013 2:27:14 GMT
No New Posts Roll Call

Here are where the accepted profiles are. Profiles are left unlocked so you may add to them or modify them as your character progresses.

Sub-boards: Accepted Legends, Accepted Half-Legends, Accepted Humans, Accepted Shuujuku Members, Accepted Legend Descendants, Accepted Non-Humans, Accepted Embodiments

48 97 HATHAWAY, Lasair Oir
by King Adam
May 5, 2013 20:05:09 GMT
No New Posts Character Claims

Here are the claims. Go get them lol

3 7 Glendale Arrival Claim
by King Adam
May 12, 2013 2:28:59 GMT
No New Posts Character Relationships

This is where people can know who their allies and foes are.

17 52 Safe In The Dark [Dice's Plots]
by arya
May 6, 2013 0:26:01 GMT
No New Posts Diaries

So people can keep track of their adventures either in The Nine Kingdoms and Earth

1 1 A Beast's Journey Through Life
by King Adam
Dec 1, 2012 2:15:48 GMT
No New Posts Pigeon Posts

This is for if you want to send a letter someone outside of your Kingdom or who isn't in your vicinity. Have fun writing those letters!

Only for Nine Kingdom citizens

3 3 Fae's hidden letter (Found after she's kidnapped)
by fairygodmother
Dec 16, 2012 20:30:01 GMT
No New Posts RP Requests

Need someone to play a certain character or have no one to rp with? Then post here.

Sub-boards: Character Requests, RP Buddies

10 26 ``son of the witch
by maleficent
Apr 13, 2013 18:34:54 GMT


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No New Posts 1st Kingdom

Taking on a very cozy look, the First Kingdom is home to the likes of Queen Cinderella and her Husband, King James.

Together they have made the First Kingdom a wonderful place to live with family, a beautiful land. Hills of grass and fields of corn and wheat cover most of the land, small cities scattered throughout the land.

The main City, and capital of The First Kingdom, is called The Grand City, being home to both the King and Queen. This city looks somewhat like that of a old Greek town, being made of mostly neutral colors, light brown bricks, and so on and so forth. However there are some amazing places in The Grand City, such as the Kingdom in which the Royals live, grand and much like an old time castle, pulled right from a fairytale, if you will.

Ruler: Queen Cinderella and King James.

The royal colour is silver

Sub-boards: Tremaine Castle , Grand City, Step Mother's House, Broomfield, Longwood , Whiteville

1 1 Citizens of the 1st Kingdom
by King Adam
Nov 13, 2012 20:45:18 GMT
No New Posts 2nd Kingdom

The Second Kingdom primarily consists of mountains and dense forests, and because of the cold climate, it tends to be one of the more sparsely populated kingdoms. What little farmland can support crops has only a few short months out of the year that are warm enough to grow, and so the people of the Second Kingdom subsist mainly by hunting game and trading lumber and coal with the other kingdoms for staple crops.

The castle is highly defensible, built into the side of a tall mountain chain with only one major road leading to the gate, its remote location makes it difficult to invade, but also easy to lay siege to. Labyrinthine catacombs have been carved deep into the heart of the mountain, however, and these can be used to get supplies in and out secretly, but they are difficult to navigate and getting lost means an almost assured death. Fresh water is provided in the form of a fast-flowing river that culminates in a waterfall that feeds out through a channel built into the castle itself.

The forests of the Second Kingdom are renowned for both their beauty and their danger, for it is known that many dangerous creatures make their home in the deep woods. The people who dwell here are a hardy sort, capable of weathering the chilly weather and handling the dangerous beasts, but just in case, the castle is always open to those in need, with subjects of the Second Kingdom never being turned away from it's gates.

The royal colour is red.

Sub-boards: Dårlig Ulv Slott, Woodcutter's Village, The Deep Woods, Miner's Village, Mountain Pass, Cold Lake, Never-Neverland

5 10 Once we're in we own your heart {Red, Piper}
by The Pied Piper
May 23, 2013 0:00:30 GMT
No New Posts 3rd Kingdom

Once a grand kingdom will with flourishing trades the third kingdom was ruled by Ole King Cole who watch over his people and all was well. Children would run down the streets their laughter filling the kingdom which joy.

But one day a few years ago that all changed when the wicked and power hungry sorceress Morgana Le Fay over threw him with the help of her allies. Other kingdoms tired to help but to no avail as the dark magic of the kingdoms new rulers was far too powerful.

For the next to years darkness spread though out the kingdom which all the fairytale and folklore baddies gathering here and join Morgana's forces. Though know it is ruled by a man named King Harold who is the supposed husband of Morgana Le Fay who also rules by his side.

The royal colour of this land is a emerald green

Ruler: King Harold and Morgana Le Fay

Sub-boards: Du Mort, Hamelin

2 2 (open) Just A Day in the Life
by adrienne
Mar 16, 2013 23:29:21 GMT
No New Posts 4th Kingdom

The largest of the nine kingdoms, The fourth kingdom is the oldest and truly the most beautiful of them all. Ruled by the Queen Snow White, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere they keep a close eye on their beloved kingdom, maintaining peace amidst opposition from the evil witches of the third Kingdom. Arthur and Guinevere rule the eastern side of the Kingdom.

The fourth kingdom has a rich, deep history with many of the families dating back to the beginning of the Kingdoms along with the House of White. The rich green hills and farm lands of the fourth Kingdom make it rich in vegetation and willing providers to the other Kingdoms for goods.

After the discovery of her husband, Prince Albert's, infidelities, Queen White has grown quite cold-hearted. But with the pressure of war upon the kingdoms, she knows melting her heart is the only way to win the fight.

The Kingdom's color is White.

Ruler: Snow White, Arthur and Guinevere

Sub-boards: Castle of White, Camelot, The Greek Islands

1 1 Citizens of the 4th Kingdom
by King Adam
Nov 13, 2012 21:03:38 GMT
No New Posts 5th Kingdom

Home to numerous hills, forests and mountains, this Kingdom has to be one of the more beautiful Kingdoms. Now that the Beast (now known as Adam) has been restored to his human form, his castle is looking more magnificent than ever. King Adam has now taken to getting out of his castle and mingling with his subjects, becoming involved in their lives and becoming a better ruler in the process.

Wolves, fox, bears and badgers inhabit the forest next to Beast's castle but are very careful as to who or what they kill for food. Belle gets touchy about that. King Adam and Queen Belle have allied themselves with the 4th Kingdom and hold regular balls for their subjects. Their colour is royal purple

Rulers: King Adam and Queen Belle

Moderator: King Adam

Sub-boards: Château de la Bête, Pittoresque, Sirap, Wonderland

7 44 A Message From The Queen [King Adam]
by Gretel
May 12, 2013 4:05:51 GMT
No New Posts 6th Kingdom

A seemingly deserted meadow filled land where only the sun treads on it's plains. The middle is filled with a thick forest that is famous for getting travellers lost inside. This is due to the remarkably well disguised enchanted tower of The Fairy Godmother at the centre.

The magical building has seen better days as it's inhabitants have long since abandoned it many years before after the tragic attack on the Fairy Godmother's family. Those who are lucky enough to find it would find only empty potion bottles and spell books. It is rumoured one of the Fairy Godmother's magic wands lies hidden inside.

The Fairy Godmother was considered the ruler of this kingdom after the original owners were defeated by The Witch. The royal colours remain Aqua Blue.

Sub-boards: Veil of Fairies, Oz

1 1 Citizens of the 6th Kingdom
by King Adam
Nov 13, 2012 21:19:39 GMT
No New Posts 7th Kingdom

The 7th Kingdom is divided into two parts: the land and sea. The land part is filled with lush forests. The swan lake is near to the castle and has ten swans on it, the Ugly Duckling being one of them. There's small villages scattered about the place. While, the sea has underwater kingdom of Atlantica, where the merfolk live

Rulers: King Triton rules the sea while Siegfried and Odette rule the land.

The royal colour for both Kingdoms is sea green.

Sub-boards: Beechwood Castle , Swan Lake , Moon light Forest , Rothbart Estate , Blue River , Greenville, Ashland , Fairview, Riverside, Newport, Kersey Castle , Light house , Hilltop, Atlantica, Rainbow Coral Reef

4 10 Old Friends (King Adam&Queen Odette)
by odette
Apr 10, 2013 20:17:42 GMT
No New Posts 8th Kingdom

A Kingdom where, at the center, lies a marvelous citadel, where most of the land's inhabitants reside under the rule of the now awake Queen Beauty. Around the Kingdom's main city, there is a wall to help keep up fortifications should any evil try and take over again.

Outside the main city there are clusters of little villages where those who prefer a quieter life reside in the countryside and wooded areas of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom's royal colour is midnight blue.

Ruler: Queen Beauty and King Phillip

1 1 Citizens Of The 8th Kingdom
by dusty
Jan 12, 2011 23:27:12 GMT
No New Posts 9th Kingdom

The Ninth Kingdom is located in the middle of a meadow. The meadow, however, is surrounded by a thick forest. In the middle of the meadow, is the castle in which Queen Rapunzel resides. The center of the castle is the tower in which she was once trapped until her love came and rescued her from the evil enchantress. The castle is surrounded by all the kingdom's cottages.

The White Tower has seen better days, but now an ivy vine is slowly wrapping its way up the tower. The inhabitants of the kingdom are loving and carefree, knowing that their Queen is watching over them.

The Ninth Kingdom's royal color is Lavender.
Ruler: Rapunzel

Sub-boards: Rapunzel's Tower, Council Chambers, Residences

3 18 (Rapunzel) Happy News
by belle
Apr 6, 2013 19:53:36 GMT


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No New Posts The United Kingdom

This has England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, though Scotland wishes to be an independent country.

Sub-boards: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

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No New Posts France

Where the Eiffel Tower is located, as well as Disneyland Paris. Just be warned that they eat snails and cheese - lots and lots of cheese.

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No New Posts America

Known to have Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami beach, and Florida, America is known for patriotism.

Sub-boards: Glendale, Shuujuku HQ

14 73 {Kai}The raindrops as their falling tell a story
by Marco King
May 12, 2013 17:28:07 GMT
No New Posts Germany

Where the Brothers Grimm lived and where the fairy tales we know and love came alive

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No New Posts Asia

Asia is part of the Eastern half of the world, and is a collection of countries.

Sub-boards: India, China, Japan

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No New Posts Australia

The land down under famous for it's sandy beaches and narly waves. The land used to be used to keep unwanted criminals at bay but now it's a thriving land with many attractions.

It is home to the amazing building of the Sydney Opera House which is model of the shape of a bug.

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No New Posts Avalon

The sacred Island of Avalon. Located in-between the Planes of Existence. Its Mists protect it from being reached by those not worthy. The fabled Mists of Avalon can manifest in any of the Kingdoms or Earth to bring those worthy or lost to the sacred Island.

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No New Posts The Shadowlands

This place is a horrible realm, filled with dark creatures filled with a hunger for nothing more than killing. People banished here will need to fight for their lives to survive.

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No New Posts The Past

Want to know how Hansel and Gretel came to be adopted by Queen Red and King Bigby or what happened to Aella before she allied herself with Maleficent or Morgana Le Fay? Well, now you can find out by role playing the past.

1 7 Once Upon a Time... (Kai)
by aella
Feb 3, 2013 18:00:04 GMT


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No New Posts Thread Catalogue

All finished threads will go here

Sub-boards: The Nine Kingdoms, Earth

3 37 (kai) This is Crazy
by Kai Starshine
Mar 28, 2013 15:14:12 GMT
No New Posts Thread Cemetary

All dead/unfinished applications will be moved here. If a member returns and wishes to finish an application or reclaim their character then please PM a staff member.

12 30 Lost and Alone (Red)
by Michael Darling
Feb 1, 2013 16:54:30 GMT
No New Posts Archived Threads

Old threads will be moved here - if you want to finish the thread, just ask a member of staff and we'll move it back.

26 147 Activity Check 14-03-2013
by King Adam
Mar 30, 2013 22:10:03 GMT


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